Weighbridge Software   

  • Account & Cash Customers
  • Batch or Individual Invoices
  • Duplicate invoices
  • EA Return reports
  • Sales Orders
  • Print tickets in any format
  • Customisable reports included
  • Graphical Report designer
  • Stock Control and transfer
  • Integrate with Sage and other accounts    systems
  • Connect to any weighbridge
  • Customer special pricing
  • Postcode lookup system available
  • Self billing for metal recyclers
  • Trial version, and.or free demo
  • On site installation and training

vehicle on weighbridge

weighbridge software screen

Our weighbridge software system MidWeigh

manages all traffic through the weighbridge. Customisable tickets are printed and all transactions recorded as they happen. WasteTrak can also be used without a weighbridge and weights entered manually as required. In addition, invoices can be created either at the time or batched at the end of the month or week. These invoices can be integrated into accounts systems like Sage and Quickbooks.

weighbridge screen

All transaction types can be managed using WasteTrak, for example : Skips in, Other waste in, Waste out to Recyclers & Landfill and Sales of recycled materials. As well as being weighbridge software it also produces many reports, including the all important details form the EA Waste Return.